The general brief and assignments

As part of the photography course we have to complete the written theory, examples of artists that do what we are asked to do along with a written evaluation and general review.


What are the 3 projects then?

  • Light and dark 
  • Who`s who 
  • Loo roll 


Light and dark.

Light and dark is a fairly general project as this is a factor in all photos for example: Man Ray, Rankin and many others i will do a write up on each of them as this progresses.

Who`s who.

This is a project about the use of portraiture as such i will have to look in to effective portraits  and not just generally effective photographers man ray may be a good starting point however as this will be shot on location i should look in to environmental portraiture like martin Parr or into images that only require a limited number of lights on location like Bob Carlos Clarke maybe? or editorial photography on location.

Due to the open ended nature of this project there are many ways that i can take the project also i am only thinking  of this a non setup project when i can use models if i am able to find them the only limit is that they can`t be related and i can not use the university studio but i can book out lights at some point after we have a formal workshop on how they work so even though i have used them before i am unsure i can book them out.

loo roll.

I am very unsure what direction to take this as it is mostly an experimental project if i wish it to be however it only has to feature some loo roll in it so i could do an experimental piece with film using loo roll in some part of the development process or even use loo roll as my photo paper, this could work well with the idea of discarded so maybe images of homelessness or just anything i have to continue to plan the project father.


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