shoots 11/10/16 – 14/10/16

From 11/10/16 – 14/10/16

I was at Hartington this was a trip about “group bonding” and reviewing a few basics of photography for example using reflectors, composing and framing an image witch i feel was rather helpful.

Throughout the time there we had to take images from a list however many of the images that i feel are effective where not taken from this list with a wide aperture this is due to my love of the creamy colour that this makes as it isolates the subject very well and makes an other whys dull background quite interesting.


This image is a split focus image of a wall that is slightly damp allowing for very effective yet simple highlights, the image is nothing really to marvel at but is a pleasant and competent display of light and texture.


The images of the ducks are quite generic leading to many people to switch off very quickly, the image was used for development of light and shadow as it changed my approach to this too more simple pleasant lighting rather than focusing on the contrast that light can give.


Within this image I tried to alter the light and defuse it with an umbrella witch have an interesting texture to the metal however I feel it was detrimental to the look of the wood as such I will lily not use it for anything more than development images but that does not make the image bad.


With the 3 portraits of rick I have put all of them in due to the effect that each crop gives and will talk about the crop independently bellow each image as for the images I have used a wide-ish aperture around f:4 with quite a wide lens due to the lower focal length all of the subject is in focus however this does mean that there is a minor amount of bowing on the image stretching the features.

To the subject being a portrait the views focus will be on the eyes and face as such I have used different crops.

With the first crop I dislike the image as only the tips of the fingers are visible and I think the image should have been wider or tighter thus not making the fingers sit uncomfortably at the lower part of the frame.


With this looser crop the viewers’ attention is more on the pose and location of the model, also due to my position the line of the building goes though the subjects head witch is rather odd and I feel that it would be more effective if the head was bellow this line as it would clearly show all of the different planes within the image far better.


With the tighter crop all of the marks on ricks face are more prominent giving the viewer a sense of sympathy towards rick also I love the colour in the glasses while they likely don’t add to the composition at all I think that not seeing the models other eye adds to the sense of mystery and thus empathy, in short I feel that this crop is so much more effective and one that I may continue to use in the future even if the images must be cropped after.

dsc_8595This was a father development of the concept of light and shadow, as i was looking for a coherent aesthetic to use withing the set of images, and this i feel may work however i may also choose to not use a set and instead submit independent images that are good upon there own merit.

dsc_8621This image i really like due to just how sharp the image is of the bee, due to its colour and position in the bee, the image may need to be cropped however this was a potential version of my light and shadow when i was cindering just producing any pleasant images witch i think this could be part of.


Another consideration for light and shadow due to the nice use of split focus and interesting subject, may concider cropping out the door as i feel that this detract from the image.


This image has inspired my whos who project as i like both the model and the aesthetic as the expression is quite natteral and the colours due to the appitur being so wide this i think is what i should aim for my other whos who images.


This was an idea for light and shadow however i feel that is very ineffective due to just how generic it is, due to this i should not turn in anything that it just generic.


This was more a decision of if i should use this style of image witch would be best called “snap photography” however i think it is best to not use it as it shows not real control of the camera but just timing or luck witch proves nothing.


These images in my mind formed a point to choose if i should use props within my portraiture and i think that within this case it does work quite well however this might be due to the sincerity of the model as such doing this with random people may prove far less effective as such i think that i should attempt to do this father to see if it will be effective.


This image i feel is effective due to the camera angle and edge lighting as these give the viewer a sense of empathy towards the model witch i feel that the muted colours works well with, to attractive this i had to use Photoshop as the colours in the sign where very promonate and that if the sign or the whole image was monochromatic then i think that it would be very distracting where as here it helps provide a story as this empathetic character looking slightly vulnerable (due to the higher camera) is not at home.

I may consider this for my portiture project as i think it is a very pleasant image.


This was a consideration for the light and shadow project as i am considering collating pleasently images rather then images that have a high contrast in the lighting as i feel that this may be more effective due to the amount of divercity that this allows me to produce.






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