WHOS WHO photographic idea development. (Shoots from 18/10/16 – 20/10/16)

From 18/10/16 – 20/10/16

I decided to continue with more portraiture this was due to my love of glasses and how they show the location and i thought that i used a wider aperture or a longer focal length that it would create a more effective image however while at college i had to have an underlying connective theme witch i tried to little avail in my opinion, i feel that the reason that i don`t take many effective images was my fear of people that i dislike interacting with them so i try to seem official with what i do maybe this is why i used a portraiture lens rather then the lens itself, hopefully this is something i can overcome though it is rather doubtful.


this image served as the opening to an image set as i liked to slightly imperfect nature of this image compared to the formally well taken nature of the image and the look of the models face, i have also tried to replicate in other images however i really think that they where not very effective.

Also i feel that the aperture is far too wide this was due to my neglecting the higher focal length of the lens that i was using, in the image i used an aperture of f:2.8 as i fell this would be very effective with a prime lens however withe the lens that i did use i maybe should have used f:3.5 – 4 as this would show more of the persons face to be sharp.


This image i feel has a very similar issue as the aperture is far to wide it should have been changed as the background is so far away and considering the aperture i could have using around f: 5.6 or higher, i think that i worry to much and forget to consider the lens.

Maybe this is because i worry about talking and photographing a person, witch explains the issue all of the images that i so afraid to just take photos when i do i almost need an excuse to take an image so i take photos of dogs and drunk people rather pathetic right?


This was another style that i was considering of just generic pleasant portraiture witch i feel was quite effective however when the image was viewed by my tutor and fellow students they seemed to not like the image due to it being a generic image rather then it being interesting witch is unfortunate.


This again is a relatively generic image but i felt the model had a nice expression however the focus is incorrect as it is on the zip of the jacket if that was not the case i doubt it would be effective as my colleges dislike generic images no matter how pleasant.


This image was effective however i feel that the image is not to good due to not being able to see the models face thus not giving the audience a reason to be empathetic to him if i where to use this i would have to put this with other images witch could then complement this image.


This i really liked as the posture and facial expression of the model is very natural and the use of the camera is quite effective also when asking Samantha said liked the image,however it does follow the trend that other images followed however this image was taken better and i feel that this is because there is no props or other distracting things within the image.


This was an attempt to continue the same train of thought the image i do like however i think the image is far to set-up but i am unsure if that makes the image bad, i should ask more people of there opinion.


This image again attempts the same feel however due to the subject not looking i feel that any viewer would lose interest very quickly so while i like this image i doubt that others would due to this i should likely have the subject in some way acknowledge the camera or not look down.


So i also attempted by having things in the foreground appear out of focus thus guiding the viewer in to the image, this is the most successful however i feel that it gave a very cluttered feel to the image however this may have been due to the location, i should reattempt this in a place where there is a distance between the subject and the background thus giving an effective use of split focus however i am unsure if i will focus on this method.


For this image i decided to use props, however i feel that this is one of the worse images out of the whole set due to the facial expression not natural, model like or humours so it just feels as though it is a bit odd witch is definitely is too the detriment of the image though i find the idea interesting however as i find it need impossible to just ask a person for a image this i definitely would be unable to do.


This i liked due to the facial expression and that it is almost framed well however reviewing the image i now think that i should not sacrifice the image fidelity for a message as it can then just make the image look quite bad.


This image was taken like a selfie, while a some what novel concept i think that i must ask people of there opinion as i am very biased on this as i really dislike the aesthetic while others may like it, i will give other peoples feed back and then summarise the feedback.


This was another attempt at using a prop one that did not use a gimmick such as the models being drunk and i think this is so much better and could even be an underlying theme, people going about there day to day life i will consider this more as it could be rather effective.


This image is just a return to basics, it is just a portrait of the model and one that i like however the crop should be much closer maybe even a squire crop i will collate the normal simple portrait and see if this would make an effective set.


This i found interesting as it was a response to some of the other images of close prates of peoples glasses, i was trying to see if it was just the glasses that i liked or the eyes witch shows so much emotion and honestly i am unsure if i should continue with this approach.



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