loo roll 02/12/16


I think I have an effective plan, while listening to the beautiful “grandmother” from the neiR gestalt album, the song uses something that should be stupid, a language that is not real and because of the song should suffer however because it is played with no attention given to this it works so well at giving the piece an off feeling as well as being calm and collect yet sad and gives the moment it plays a angry nostalgia which works so perfectly for the moment it plays in as well as being a well constructed bit of foreshadowing.

and so if I try the same idea maybe able to make the audience focus on the composition and not the oddity of there being loo roll, i plan on doing still life using this as still life I can use a book and use the loo roll as a bookmark, maybe have a person read i think the sofa in the henrian building would be very effective.



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