Loo Roll 07/12/16



Just checked my cocktail images

on one hand i networked with a DJ and may have an in working with him in the future as well as giving the image to Boston Brothers so i may be used by them to do some photography with is really rather effective however i feel only 2 of the images are really effective of the drinks and i do like the image of Ross however the expression is rather ineffective but i would like to use it however i am unable to find another image which was a pornstar martini and a vodka coke  and a image of the DJ by the bottles of rum with a wide aperture both of the image i liked however i am unable to find them so i will have to find another image and i doubt i can use normal still life with  a wide aperture as it would not fit and i really have no money so i may do another but i would have to use another location, i have some cream soda and mango so i could make it look like a cocktail but if i use bottles of alcohol as a background with a wide aperture it may not be an issue however it is wednesday night and i have to edit thursday and print by friday latest.


i also finished my shoot before writing this as such my contact sheet contains images i had taken after these where to fill the last image that i needed so I wanted to have a detail image of the drink with an interesting background that was out of focus


loo-roll contact sheet of these to shoots unedited



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