Loo Roll Experimental Work 07/11/16

07/11/16 My idea is to use Loo Roll as like photographic paper, the difference being there would be imperfections due to the small holes, i should be able to use this to my advantage, there may be areas where it dissolves and maybe not hold the chemicals to well as i can not fully submerge the loo roll so i would have to use a brush or something like that, i think i will use liquid light to make the paper light sensitive and use a friends dark room as she has an enlarger as well as developer, fixer and stopper.

i will ask her about this, and we can do this by video call so see if it will work or not i am unsure if this will work, until i have a lesson in using the darkroom i will be unable to use the one in the university as of now i am unsure when any of these even are, well i can use as a reason to see Emma for the printing of the project if this works out.


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