whats on your mind influences

For my project I have chosen to use what’s on your mind, my first plan was to use games as my inspiration as they are art however while talking to my lecturer I realised an issue with this it lacks the same amount of context witch is very important if I use a psychological horror base.

For example silent hill 2 is widely considered an extremely subtle psychological horror however of explaining the nurse design I would have to explain why James Sunderland (the protagonist) sees them in the way he does, because I would have to explain : his sexual frustration, the ambiguity / contusion of the faces, the negatives depiction of nurses (due to the failed treatment of his wife thus resulting in his decision of euthanising her.)

this would be extremely hard to communicate in a single image as such it may work in a set of images but even then i would like to use at least 12 images as such this would not work and the only image that may work is very overt and would not apply to me.


as such, I considered what influences me and found the issue, in order the medium that in order are games, music, photography, animation and traditional art (however I lack knowledge in this area more so than the others)


however, games on average are often multi-hour experiences and can use a ludo narratives to give far more stability and depth to the whole experience for an extremely effective use of this I would recommend Undertale.

music, these can be extremely effective due the layering and use of repetition making this somewhat relatable to a series of images or a film, taking influence from a song would be hard in a single image unless the salty of the song and its context were lost somewhat, for an example of these, grandma: neir ost,  dancer of the boreal valley,  the great wolf Sif and The other promise all of which can be found on youtube.

photography, as for photographic influences I am unsure how many others directly influence me, there are people like daniel Tunstallhowever while i like some of her images there are many flaws throughout the pieces, i may put up some writeups that go into more details about each of these, as for other photographers Andy Warhol, Martin Parr, steven green and Ray Sence

animation, this is something that i have been used to for a large majority of my life with styles used in both western and eastern animation mostly being Disney and studio gibbly where both of these studios have different styles and aesthetics as well as use of symbolism in both subjects and colour pallets this intern has effected my taste in art as a whole and the narrative found within a piece which i  feel is a detrimental to my photographic practice as I think this hs given me a focus on symbolism and horror which as a whole influences me to illustrate a photograph via the use of make-up, prosthetics and photoshop all of which have driven me towards studio based photography. for examples of what has inspired me: toy story, grave of the fireflys, Akira, east of eadon, bleach and fantasia.


traditional art for this I feel that most of my influences came from expressionism pieces like scream as I felt that photorealism or other high detail pieces while technically fasonating they were made rather redundant by photography.

Loo Roll 07/12/16



Just checked my cocktail images

on one hand i networked with a DJ and may have an in working with him in the future as well as giving the image to Boston Brothers so i may be used by them to do some photography with is really rather effective however i feel only 2 of the images are really effective of the drinks and i do like the image of Ross however the expression is rather ineffective but i would like to use it however i am unable to find another image which was a pornstar martini and a vodka coke  and a image of the DJ by the bottles of rum with a wide aperture both of the image i liked however i am unable to find them so i will have to find another image and i doubt i can use normal still life with  a wide aperture as it would not fit and i really have no money so i may do another but i would have to use another location, i have some cream soda and mango so i could make it look like a cocktail but if i use bottles of alcohol as a background with a wide aperture it may not be an issue however it is wednesday night and i have to edit thursday and print by friday latest.


i also finished my shoot before writing this as such my contact sheet contains images i had taken after these where to fill the last image that i needed so I wanted to have a detail image of the drink with an interesting background that was out of focus


loo-roll contact sheet of these to shoots unedited


Loo roll shoot currupted 02/12/16

02/12/16  this shoot corrupted …

so it went well and was quite effective however the images corrupted, there may only be a few days left but i have another idea several of my flatmates want to drink and i was going to use this as a second part to the shot, i think i will have to use this as the whole set, this could be ideal as i can have jack or ross in the image making the drink however this does mean that i have to order so this will be expensive i will see if i can make an effective set and if i do not have the full amount that i am unsure if i can do it in time and i refuse to fail and be kicked out of uni.